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Thakur Dharel : Founder and head team

Thakur Dharel - Fondateur trek dream nepal

I am a trekking guide with long experience in Nepal and the Himalayas. Nepal is my country and it is a pleasure for me to introduce you to it. My country is my passion. That’s why I’ve been a guide for 11 years. Today, I am the founder of Trek Dream Nepal. My vision of experienced trekking in Nepal is overall achievement and fun during your trip. It’s my work philosophy. Known in Nepal for mountain trekking, climbing organization and sustainable tourism. I will put all my experience at your service. Everest and Mustang are my best destinations. I recommend going there, really. Do not miss out on a glorious trekking experience in Nepal with a man who will do anything to please you. To conclude, I like “my” mountains and my country. It’s my biggest motivation ! We say to you very soon !

Vincent Rollin : Marketing and communication freelance

Vincent Rollin - Co-fondateur Trek Dream Nepal

I love the nature, I have always traveled. It’s part of my life. It is also the meeting with people. I do not consider traveling on a beach from morning till night. It’s the landscapes, the wildlife and the people that fascinate me. Attracted by the theater of nature, Trek Dream Nepal quickly became obvious. My goal is to make you discover this beautiful country from these majestic mountains, strong traditions, ethnic groups and Nepali always so adorable. A touching country where you can rejuvenate your body and mind.
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