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You wonder what to take as photo gear for Nepal. Remember that you will be trekking and that you will have to avoid carrying 10 kg of photo material. The pounds quickly become heavy with time. Unless your goal is to photograph during an expedition or to take part in a photo class in Nepal.

During your trek, you will have the opportunity to have two types of photographs essentially. You will have landscape photo and portrait photo. So you have to think about your material based on that.


For your camera, we advise you to take a wide-angle lens type 10-24 mm in order to better capture the great outdoors. The wide angle can also make beautiful portrait. In order to cover different situations, we also recommend that you have a 70-200 mm telezoom. Having two goals will allow you to be versatile and cover your photo story in Nepal.

Do you have a 35mm wide angle? As is often the case for users of large angles, we advise you to equip yourself with a 18-400 mm Tamron to be versatile in any situation.



Finally, for your photo equipment, do not forget to come with other batteries already loaded that you keep inside your coat to keep warm and keep the load. Feel free to come with your camera APN. There are some very good ones today. It will make you great service easier to store and easier to charge with a portable solar panel. You can take with you in your photo pack a tripod, a polarizing filter for contrast and that will raise the colors or a UV filter. Be careful, it is better to have a good UV filter than a bad polarizing filter.

It only remains to prepare your photo pack. We hope these tips have been helpful to you.

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