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The best big trek in Nepal

19 February 2023

Nepal is a small country. Yet it is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, towering peaks and local ethnicities. The country offers incredible opportunities for hikers and adventurers seeking authentic experiences. The great treks in Nepal are among the most famous and popular in the world. Among them, we can mention the Kangchenjunga trek, the Upper Dolpo trek, the Upper Mustang trek and the Manaslu Tsum Valley. The great treks in Nepal are an adventure in their own right.

Upper Dolpo, one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal.


1 – Kangchenjunga
2 – Upper Dolpo (Dolpa)
3 – Upper Mustang
4 – Tsum valley and Manaslu tour
5 – Conclusion

1 – Kangchenjunga Trek, Eastern Nepal

It is one of the most difficult treks in Nepal. The trek takes place in an isolated region. Communities are very proud of their culture and history. This will be an opportunity for you to share with the local populations. You will taste their local cuisine, based on mountain vegetables and meats.

To go to Kangchenjunga base camp, To go to Kangchenjunga Base Camp is an epic hiking adventure. This high peak is the third highest mountain in the world. Located in eastern Nepal, on the border with India, Kangchenjunga rises to 8,586 meters. It is a long trek that starts at Taplejung. The local communities are the Limbus and the Rais.

The Limbus are an indigenous ethnic group of eastern Nepal who practice Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism. They are also known for their traditional craftsmanship. They make sheep’s wool clothes and bamboo baskets.
The Rais are mainly farmers. They practice Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism.

During the Kangchenjunga trek, the trails cross forests of rhododendrons, bamboos and oaks. You will pass through traditional villages, Buddhist monasteries and suspension bridges. Kangchenjunga Biosphere Reserve is a protected area. It is home to unique flora and fauna.

One of the most beautiful treks in Nepal, the Kangchenjunga base camp.

2 – Upper Dolpo trek

It is a unique adventure that allows you to discover a remote region of Nepal. The upper Dolpo (Dolpa) is located on the border with Tibet. It is one of the most isolated regions of Nepal. The inhabitants have preserved their culture and ancestral traditions. This great trek in Nepal begins in Juphal, in the Karnali region.

The local communities speak a Tibetan dialect and have a culture rich in traditions. Buddhist monasteries and chörtens are numerous in the region.

The inhabitants of Upper Dolpo are mainly Tibetans. They practice Tibetan Buddhism. The local ethnic group lives from agriculture, livestock and trans-Himalayan trade. They are known for their hospitality, traditional cuisine and craftsmanship. They are very good craftsmen for the manufacture of yak wool fabrics and leather.

During the Upper Dolpo trek, the desert landscapes open up to you. There are also green valleys and snow-capped peaks. The hiking trails pass through remote villages, Buddhist monasteries and sacred lakes. The Shey Phoksundo National Park is to be discovered.

Traditional village during the Upper Dolpo trek in Nepal.

3 – The Forbidden Kingdom, Upper Mustangt trek

Upper Mustang is a region lies in the northwestern part of Nepal. The ancient Forbidden Kingdom touches the border with Tibet. It is an arid area that offers spectacular mountain views and moonscapes. The region is known for its impressive peaks. One can see Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Nilgiri.

Most traditional houses are built of stone and mud and are decorated with Buddhist paintings and carvings. They are one of a kind with flat roofs.

The inhabitants of Upper Mustang are mainly Tibetans. They migrated from the Tibet Autonomous Region. They practice ancient Buddhism.
The main ethnic groups in Upper Mustang are the Thakalis, Gurungs, Manangis, Loba and Tibetans. The Thakalis are considered the original inhabitants of the region and are known for their flourishing trade in salt and other commodities with Tibet.

This region deserves a whole article so much to say.

A chorten among the surreal multicolored rocks of Dhakmar, Upper Mustang.

4 – Tsum valley and Manaslu tour

It is a remote and wild region in western Nepal. The trek offers views of the high peaks of the Himalayas. The landscapes are varied.
You can see rugged mountains, green valleys, rushing rivers and glaciers.

The high peaks that dominate the region include Mount Manaslu (8,163 meters), the eighth highest peak in the world, as well as Ganesh Himal (7,422 meters), Sringi Himal (7,187 meters ), Ngadi Chuli (7,871 meters) and Himal Chuli (7,893 meters).
The mountains are often covered with eternal snow. This offers contrasting landscapes with forests, green meadows and terraced cultivation fields.

The ethnic groups of the Tsum valley and Manaslu speak a Tibetan dialect. They have a culture rich in traditions and history. Trekkers can discover the Buddhist monasteries in the region. The villages are traditional and surrounded by cereal fields. Like everywhere else in Nepal, the locals are known for their hospitality and unique culture.

Trek in the Tsum Valley in Nepal

5 – In conclusion, great unique treks in Nepal

Nepal is a unique country with a rich culture and spectacular landscapes. All these treks offer unique and unforgettable experiences. It is the discovery of the traditions and culture of local ethnic groups. Of course, the spectacular landscapes with its Himalayan mountains. It’s the way to disconnect from the modern world, to be with yourself. Maybe this will be a life-changing trip to the beauty of nature for you. We cannot forget his moments of sharing.

Phoksundo lake during the Upper Dolpo trek in Nepal

Tailored trek in Nepal :

We can a privat or a tailored trek for only one person, your family, your compagny.
For more, could you contact us to know your expectations for your trek in Nepal and the Himalayas.

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