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Teej festival

The Haritalika Teej festival is a very important festival for women in Nepal. It is also to celebrate the end of the monsoon.

2 September 2019

Haritalika Teej

Haritalika Teej is one more important festival for the nepali women in Nepal. This festival is an Hindus tradition.

Teej festival, feast day for the women

The festival will last tree days. On this occasion, women wear a traditional red dress. This festival is observed troughout Nepal also in the north of India.


Rishi panchami

During this day, women are dancing and singing. It also gives the opportunity to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. The various temples of the country are full but especially the great temples of Kathmandu. It’s a special moment to discover temples like Pushupatinath.

During this first day, call Dar khane din, women visit their parents, friends and eat some various specialties. It’s an important moment for this women to find their family.

The second day is devoted to fasting. It is also the most important of the festival. The third day and last day of teej festival, women break the the fast. This day is called Rishi Panshami. But before breaking up the fast, the women play at the Rishi sapta puja. This ritual dates back over 750 years and is practiced at 9h00 pm.

This ritual is dedicated to the seven great sages. Rishi Panchami means the commemoration of the great sages on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrabad. If fasting and ritual is observed, then the sins of one’s present life or past are washed away. A ritual that must be practiced with good intentions and a pure heart.

A day devoted to sanctifying a person and that means cleaning teeth with grass or bathing with datwan grass when you wake up. These herbs are considered very clean. For the body, the woman drinks a rotten milk.

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